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This infographic shows 6steps of a mobile task-based learning environment used to develop second language communicative effectiveness using videos and video recordings through mobile devices in spoken English among a group of learners in underserved areas.


  • Step 1. Preparation
    We (researchers, educators, instructors, teachers, etc …) record our own language learning videos and upload them on the Internet. Educational, Engaging, and Creative Videos!
  • Step 2. Pre-task
    Students watch the videos that were recorded in phase 1 through mobile devices.
  • Step 3. Task
    The students record their own videos using mobile devices to present to the class. Meaningful, Real-world, Authentic Tasks.
  • Step 4. Report
    The students present their videos to the rest of the class.
  • Step 5. Analysis
    Here the focus returns to the teacher and peers who review the students’ videos. We analyze students’ videos and rate the videos.
  • Step 6. Reflection
    It is an opportunity for the students to reflect overall MTBL activities. The possibility that mobile technology can facilitate second language learning of people in underserved areas.