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Welcome to MedChat, your Gateway to Mastering Bad News Delivery. MedChat is a revolutionary mobile and web application designed exclusively for medical students, providing a unique and immersive platform to enhance your skills in delivering challenging news. Developed for Android, iOS and, Web, MedChat creates a realistic learning environment where you can practice and refine your communication techniques.


Our app focuses on hands-on practice through realistic simulations. MedChat allows you to step into the shoes of both the patient and the doctor, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience centered around the delivery of challenging news.

Target Users

MedChat is tailored for physicians and medical students seeking to excel in the delicate art of delivering bad news. We understand the challenges you face, and MedChat is here to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate these crucial moments in your medical career.

How MedChat Works

  1. Select a Scenario: Choose from a variety of scenarios tailored to different situations where bad news delivery is crucial.
  2. Practice with Realism: Engage in immersive conversations with MedChat, simulating real-world scenarios to enhance your skills.
  3. Reflect and Improve: Access your conversation archives and receive constructive feedback, allowing you to learn and grow with each simulation.

Key Features

1. Simulation Practice

MedChat provides a safe space for you to practice delivering bad news. Through carefully crafted scenarios, you can hone your communication skills and gain valuable experience.

2. Role Reversal

Take on the role of both the doctor and the patient. Experience the conversation from both perspectives, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in delivering and receiving difficult news.

3. Conversation Archives

Access a detailed record of your past simulations. Review and reflect on your progress as you track your journey towards mastering the art of delivering bad news.

4. Feedback Based on SPIKES Framework

At the end of each simulation, receive personalized feedback from MedChat based on the widely recognized SPIKES framework. This structured feedback will guide you in refining your approach, ensuring continuous improvement in your communication skills.

Join MedChat Today

Embark on your journey to mastering the art of delivering bad news with MedChat. Download the app now on your preferred platform and take the first step toward becoming a more confident and compassionate medical professional.

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