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Our Mission is

to develop AI-infused systems to improve human performance


Donggil Song

Donggil Song is Associate Professor of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution, College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. His research lab (Einbrain Lab, focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) engineering for human learning, human-AI collaboration, machine learning (ML)-based mixed-reality (MR) AI systems. His research interests are geared towards creating systems by utilizing AI/ML and natural language processing while focusing on facilitating human learning. Currently, his primary research includes the applications of virtual human systems in MR environments. He holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, and a B.A. in Religious Studies from Seoul National University (SNU), and also completed a master’s program in Cognitive Science at SNU.


Yunus Emre Ozturk

Yunus Emre Ozturk is Development Manager at Einbrain Lab, and a Ph.D. student in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Texas A&M University. As a computer engineer and educator, he is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences for all parts of society. Mr. Ozturk has developed various platforms that support human performance, including student information systems, blockchain-based badge frameworks, and EdTech market intelligence structures.

Caden Kevin Kokes

Caden Kevin Kokes is Development Associate at Einbrain Lab. He pursues Engineering Major with a Minor in Cyber Security and Business at Texas A&M University.

Former Members

Jang Gyu Lee

Jang Gyu Lee finished his Research Internship at Einbrain Lab in 2023. The Academy of Science and Technology at The Woodlands College Park High School.

Advisory Board

Eun Young Oh

Eun Young Oh is Lecturer of Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, School of Humanities at Rice University. Dr. Oh earned a doctorate in Educational Technology from Seoul National University, South Korea. Her primary research focuses on computer-supported language learning environments, in particular, how to facilitate second language learning through the use of technology, such as virtual reality and speech recognition technology. Presently, She is the Creative Project Director of Einbrain Lab. Dr. Oh was a lecturer at Language Education Institute, Seoul National University, and East Asian Languages & Cultures at Indiana University.

John Wisneski

John E. Wisneski is Chief Business Officer of Einbrain, and a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Organizational Behavior Research Group at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. He previously served as a Clinical Assistant Professor at both the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. His primary work responsibilities included selling and leading the delivery of large-scale systems integration Programs.

Matthew Callison

Matthew Callison is Chief Innovation Officer of Einbrain. Dr. Callison is the Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships for the South Fayette Township School District. He earned a doctorate in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. He works as an instructional consultant, teaches undergraduate and graduate level technology education courses, and serves on the advisory board of the Jacobs Educator Award Program.

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