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by Donggil Song

It has been a great honor to receive tenure and promotion to the position of associate professor. I’m amazed and humbled by the support from people all over the country.

When I started my doctoral program in the United States, I got nothing but Eunyoung Oh’s (financial) support, which was good enough for the cost of living in the first Fall (She was working in South Korea to support me). Before the second term, Dr. Curt Bonk helped me get a part-time job (media specialist), after a couple of semesters, Dr. Krista Glazewski helped me become a lab manager at the Teaching Technology Lab and advised my dissertation as well. During my doctoral journey, Dr. Paul Kim gave me lots of valuable research opportunities and scholarships. Dr. Karen Hallett-Rupp hired me as co-manager at the Office of Instructional Consulting. ‪Drs. Tony Onwuegbuzie and John Hitchcock offered me a journal editor position. With all the help, I was able to earn my doctoral degree, become an assistant professor, and now I’m tenured thanks to my great colleagues. There are tons more people who have helped me but are not mentioned in this short posting (feel sorry), and I am very grateful and do appreciate their help and support. God Bless America.