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by Donggil Song


  • Powerful HPT.
  • You were the best policy maker.
  • But, now… you have a huge problem. It’s a teachers’ performance problem.
  • Teachers were frustrated. Students were frustrated too. You were gonna be crazy.
  • Can you solve the teachers’ performance problem? Are you just going to run without any plan?
  • Just hire HPT experts. We can solve your problem with the systematic process.
  • First, we analyzed target audiences, organizations, and environments.
  • The problem was the lack of productive feedback to students.
  • So we conducted cause analysis. Teachers have to attend a lot of meetings.
  • They have to deal with so many students at the same time. In addition, they have a lot of paperworks.
  • Do you want to know our secret solution?
  • It’s the Moodle. The open source learning management system.
  • Teachers can create formative tests, grade them with the help of Moodle.
  • It really reduces working time. Sure, it’s implemented.
  • Then, we did formative evaluations for better solution. We realized some teachers couldn’t use Moodle well.
  • So, we added instructional webinars about moodle. It worked!
  • Teachers could focus on their lectures. Teachers’ performance enhanced.
  • Students were satisfied. Human Performance Technology can support you.
  • This is HPT.